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Catholic Action Worldwide at 9312 Bassoon Dr., Houston, TX 77025 US - Damien Center

Damien Center

Dear Believers,

Fr. Roy Mathew, Director, Diocese of Kanjirappally, Department Of Family Apostolate, wrote the third "Evangelist’s Column" about his Bethlehem Ashram (Orphanage). Brother Benny, the "Mother Teresa of South India". wrote about his "Deva Matha (Mother Of God) Center". This 34 year old young man has dedicated his life to take care of the "poorest of the poor".

I am delighted to inform you that the Knights of Columbus of the St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Houston, has donated $ 500 for Br. Benny’s Ministry. The Devamatha Center and Catholic Action Worldwide thank the Knights of Columbus of St. Thomas More Church for their generosity.

I am pleased to introduce to you Sr. Izzy, the Administrator of the Damien Leprosy Rehabilitation Center in Andhra Pradesh, South India.

Mathew George
Catholic Action Worldwide

Sr. Izzy, Administrator, The Damien Leprosy Rehabilitation Center

The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters Of Mary Immaculate (MSMI) was started by Fr. C.J. Varkey in 1962, in Kerala, South India. The Charism of our Congregation is to extend the redeeming love of Jesus over all humanity through our work of family apostolate. At present, we have 700 professed sisters working in one hundred communities in India, U.S.A. Germany and Italy. We are fully engaged with different apostolic activities like teaching, nursing, orphanage, leprosy center, old age homes, family apostolate, social work, pastoral care, prayer and counseling.

The Origin And The History Of The Damien Rehabilitation Center

The Damien Rehabilitation Center for leprosy patients was stared twenty five years ago in the Town of Chittoor by Fr. John Antoninette, a Catholic Priest. At that time lepers were wandering like beggars in the town. Fr. Antoniette settled them in the catholic mission land. Later on the Government of Andhra Pradesh helped to put up some huts for them. Then, with the help of several funding agencies permanent housing and other development activities were also undertaken to bring the Center to the present condition.

Leper families with the Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate who take care of them

One of the main features of our Center is that the lepers are allowed to continue their life in their own natural family atmosphere, while the Center is providing them all that is needed to continue a normal living. All of them are provided individual houses or huts according to their seniority.

Sister Izzy, the Administrator of the Center, serving food on Christmas day.

At present there are 50 families in the Center. The maintenance of the Center is looked after by MSMI sisters who are also nurses. Sisters who are in charge of them stay with them day and night.

People of all religions are welcome at the Center. The two women on the right with "bindi" on their foreheads are of the Hindu religion

The general maintenance of the center include providing the lepers and families food, clothing, oil for cooking and bathing, toilet soap for bathing and detergent soap for washing clothes, providing regular medicines, nursing their wounds and taking care of their general health. There is a Catholic Hospital nearby, with three sisters who take care of the lepers.

The Damien Center strives to give a strong and solid spiritual orientation to its members. So, prime importance is given for Holy Eucharist and other spiritual activities. The Damien Center has a beautiful Chapel. The members have morning prayers including the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, Bible study and night prayers.

The Chapel inside the Center

The acute shortage of drinking water is a great problem at the Center. We are eager to construct a concrete overhead water tank to solve the drinking water problem. The estimated cost of the overhead water tank is $ 4,000.

Do remember the Damien Center and all its initiatives in your Valuable prayers. May God bless you all for your goodwill and generosity.

Trusting in Jesus,



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